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Our Approach

4GC was established because of the observation that too often humanity looks for a hero to solve all the problems that we face as a society. 4GC promotes a different approach, what if the hero is ourselves? Individualized empowerment is at the very core of our organization. Instead of just addressing the individualized needs of those we serve, we go a step beyond to empower those we directly serve to make impacts in the lives of others. We believe that for the world to truly change, it will require us to lose our preconceived inhibitions about one another. To create true and lasting change, we must humble ourselves to show general love and concern to humanity, all humanity. 

The work and direction of 4GC can be summarized by the following parable. By throwing a rock into a pond, you expect to see a big splash. However, what is often overlooked are the ripples making their way to land. 4GC is largely more concerned about the ripples than the immediate splash. 

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