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About us

Meet the team with a passion to
spread good.

Mission Statement

To develop economic opportunity for the disadvantaged, while targeting social upliftment, community involvement, investment in self, and aiding to the pursuit of happiness. 

4 Good Community was established to do exactly what we are named, to make each community we touch a better place to live. Our no-frills organization was established to take the resources at our disposal into the hands of those who need them. 4 Good Community works alongside our retail asset donors to leverage the available resources to make the greatest impact for those in need. We make use of in-kind corporate donations to improve living standards, as well as use our volunteer network to make an impact for the community, individuals, and the environment. 


Jeff Kingery

Jeff Kingery lives in Evansville, Indiana with his wife Emilee, and their soon to be son! Jeff works daily in an effort to facilitate Light and love into all the communities and households 4GC has the opportunity to impact, enriching them with quality goods that have the potential to Light some very dark spaces.

"I watched my mom specifically struggle and anguish from not being able to provide all she had hoped for her children. It's not the lack of resources as a child that shaped me, but the lack of hope that I could see on my mom's face. I prayed nightly for the opportunity to someday make a difference in the life of my family, and in the life of others. 4GC is the embodiment of my answered prayer. Every program that we institute at 4GC I cannot help but think of how this would have impacted my family growing up."  ~Jeff 


Kyle Duckworth
Director of Development


Addison Hearrin
Outreach Director

Addison Hearrin lives in Evansville, Indiana with her partner Evan, and their dog and cats - Bunny, Bronson, and October. In her free time she loves doing yoga and spending time in state and national parks. At 4 Good you can find Addison turning on pop dance music for the volunteers, and aiding our partnered nonprofits. 


Daniel Mathews

Director of Distribution & Procurement

Daniel and his wife Autumn live in Carmi, Illinois with their dog, and cats - Chewy, Lily, and Kenai. In their free time they like to play games together, and spend time with their family. You can find Daniel driving the big blue bus far and wide.


Allison King

Director of Financial Development

Allison King, a previous educator lives in Mt. Vernon, Indiana with her baby girl Laurel. In her free time she likes to spend time with her fiancé Matt, and experience new things with Laurel. At 4 Good you can find Allison mingling with the community, and writing grants!


Elijah Stem


Elijah is a recent high school graduate that lives with his family in Evansville, Indiana. In his free time he likes to work on his videography and play the guitar. At 4 Good you can find Elijah on 4 Good on the Go trips flying his drone, and making connections!


Emilee Kingery


Amy Spieker

Food Bank Manager

Amy Spieker lives in Evansville, Indiana with her husband Jeff. In her free time she loves camping, and going to the beach with her large and loved family. At 4 Good you can find Amy in both stores keeping the order, and making others laugh.


Tim Bloodworth

Regional Manager

Tim and his wife Amy live in Sebree, Kentucky and are parents to 4 lovely children, Ethan, Landon, Caroline & Connor. In their free time they love to travel to the beach, and to visit their children in college. You can see Tim at 4GC making people laugh, driving trucks, and moving heavy stuff!

4GC in action



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