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In-Kind Sponsorships

4 Good Community operates through the generosity of our corporate in-kind sponsors. We take product donations to give in the communities we operate. We are very aware of sensitive branding. Our volunteers can remove and deface any brand sensitive content, and 4 Good Community is very selective on the markets we supply, to ensure the greatest impact and benefit for our corporate sponsors. Our goal is to divert as many resources as we can from liquidation and recycle channels to promote the maximum social impact, and greatest value-add for our donors. We work as a service provider to promote your brand / company in a positive social light in the communities that we serve. We understand our product donors are not obligated to donate their resources, and we work tirelessly for our donors to see and feel the impacts being made by their generosity. 

Product Donations?
We would love to work with you!

Thank you for helping us make a difference!

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