"4 the GOOD of the COMMUNITY" 

44 Good Community



Mission Statement

To develop economic opportunity for the disadvantaged, while targeting social upliftment, community involvement, investment in self, and aiding to the pursuit of happiness. 



4 Good Community was established to do exactly what we are named, to make each community we touch a better place to live. Our no-frills organization was established to take the resources at our disposal into the hands of those who need them. 4 Good Community works alongside our retail asset donors to leverage the available resources to make the greatest impact for those in need. We make use of in-kind corporate donations to improve living standards, as well as use our volunteer network to make an impact for the community, individuals, and the environment. 




The worth of our organization can only be measured through the good that we do, and the lives that we touch. 4 Good Community was established to make a difference, and that's exactly what we do, and will continue to do. 

4 Good Community works to put product, commodities, and overall enrichment into the hands of those in need, giving them a better quality of life. Besides working to distribute product and commodities into the hands of those in need, 4 Good Community is enriching communities through Scholarship campaigns, Dolly Parton Imagination Library, Food Pantry, Asset Distribution, and National Distribution. As an organization, we believe that by investing into the growth of those around us, we are wholly investing in the rise of our community. 

Being a young organization, 4 Good Community has an aggressive expansion plan. In our short existence we have already pioneered the Dolly Parton Imagination Library in our localized area, established a food pantry, created local scholarship campaigns, established vast asset redistribution, and work daily to enrich not only our community, but our society on a national approach. As an organization, we want to see individuals grow from their current situation, and we believe education is the most important vehicle to do so. This is why we have invested early in education, and will continue to increase our giving as we grow. 


In the future we plan to start an environmental outreach program, in which community members will help to clean the environment that we all dwell, and plant trees in an effort for long term sustainability. Our board founded the organization with long term intention of making our existence as green and sustainable as possible. Our founders have a background and understanding in reverse logistics, and we aim to soon have a recycling component that allows us to properly discard waste, unusable product, or protected branding from our corporate sponsors. In the long term, we see that introducing a recycling plant component can also provide employment resource for our organization to further goodwill, and help the planet at the same time.  

4 Good Community is a unique organization. Because of the background of our founders, we have the unique ability to leverage financial resources and assets that enable us to be nimble, as well as thoughtful in our approach. This allows us to make a difference, and FAST. In our first year of existence we have been enabled to help countless individuals, and we don't plan on slowing down! We are based in Henderson KY, but our reach has already extended as far to Eagle Butte, SD.


In-Kind Sponsorship

4 Good Community operates through the generosity of our corporate in-kind sponsors. We take product donations to give in the communities we operate. We are very aware of sensitive branding. Our volunteers can remove and deface any brand sensitive content, and 4 Good Community is very selective on the markets we supply, to ensure the greatest impact and benefit for our corporate sponsors. 4 Good Community's environmental awareness will ultimately allow for appropriate product recycling when necessary, while supplying work to those in need. 




The foundation of 4 Good Community was largely set by the executive board, and the life experiences collectively of them all. In the cumulative life of the board, we have experienced extreme economic shortcomings as children, witnessed disadvantaged individuals become further depressed and disadvantaged just through the happenings of life, and witnessed innumerable situations where we could have made a difference, wanted to make a difference, but failed in action because life has a way of making us all content staying in our individual comfortable bubbles. 


4 Good Community was established after long self introspection, and the rediscovery of ones true self. Although members of the executive board had found success in the business community, they lacked satisfaction. This is when, after deep soul searching, our now acting president took the initiative steps in founding 4 Good Community. Partly a passion project, this organization was founded to bring the true essence of humanity back into the lives of all those involved. Our lives are touched and enriched by helping others, and helping to provide to make the world a better place one community at a time.  






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