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4 Good on the Go

The program that is changing lives - one bus at a time.

4 Good on the Go is a fleet of retired and remodeled school buses that can travel anywhere in the US, at any time, to deliver essential resources to those in need.


Why not? Because of our sponsors we are able to bring life to retired school buses, that bring life, vitality and light to every community they enter.

The 4GOTG Initiatives

Poverty Relief

The 4GOTG Team researches daily the communities effected most by the rising cost of essential items due to inflation. We visit these communities on a monthly basis to provide essential toiletries, food, clothing, furniture and more.

Disaster Relief

The 4GOTG Team is on deck, scanning the news when a natural disaster is expected to occur. 4 Good Community is one of the first providers of essential items on the ground in these locations providing what is needed to sustain, and build back.

Education Relief

Recently, we have expanded after seeing the ongoing need of resources and support for our federally funded schools. The 4 Good on the Go Education Relief initiative provides supplies, clothing, and resources for students and staff in need.


Nashville, TN

Indianapolis, IN

Louisville, KY

Mayfield, KY

Hindman, KY

Hazard, KY

Jackson, KY

Sebree, KY

Mt. Vernon, IN

Evansville, IN

Henderson, KY

Cherokee, NC

Cape Coral, FL

Englewood, FL


Relief Type

Poverty Relief

Poverty Relief

Poverty Relief

Disaster Relief

Disaster Relief

Disaster Relief

Disaster Relief

Educ. Relief

Educ. Relief

Poverty Relief

Educ. Relief

Poverty Relief

Disaster Relief

Disaster Relief


# of Families Helped

4,560 families

3,323 families

966 families

470 families

1,651 families

2,244 families

649 families

340 families

788 families

2,363 families

2,004 families

980 families

871 families

630 families


















Cost include transportation, maintenance, product, labor, and overhead.

Updated 11/4/2022

How can you help?

Sponsor a bus - A monetary donation of $5,000 or more allows us to acquire and wrap more buses.
Adopt a bus - Bring the bus to your city, or location of choice. Adopting a bus means that your community will have full time access to 4 Good Community resources.
Team building - Sign your team up for a team building day to help us fill bags with essential resources. All proceeds help pay for the resources needed to fill the bus.

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