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Our Work

Check out our videos below to see where, and how 4 Good Community has assisted our neighbors across the US.

4 Good Community utilizes in kind sponsorships to simply 'do good' in any community we enter. 

With the addition of 4 Good on the Go, we are able to reach any community within the US that needs upliftment.

Click on the pinpoints on the map to learn more about that community, and what 4 Good is doing to help!

Henderson, KY

Henderson, Kentucky is where it all began. We opened our doors in 2020, not expecting where the future would take us - but we are glad it did. Since 2020, we have served over 12,000 families in Henderson with our food pantry, soup kitchen, and various 4GC events including free furniture and mattress events!


Evansville, IN

Evansville, Indiana holds a special place in our hearts at 4 Good. Evansville is our closest neighbor and as they say, "love thy neighbor!" In Evansville, our primary goal is to provide poverty relief for the substantial need in this area. We have partnered with Evansville schools, CASA, YWCA, and more to provide resources to allow the community to thrive. 


Mt. Vernon, IN

We partnered with Posey County and made a promise to assist the schools in need in Mount Vernon. Through this partnership we were able to start the very first Dolly Parton Imagination Library in Posey County, provide backpacks and school supplies to students, and provide the teachers with supplies to assure the education system is thriving in this area. 

Mt. Vernon

Cherokee, NC

Cherokee, North Carolina is an extra special place and we treat it as such! Cherokee is home to the second 4 Good Community location where we provide food and resource relief on a weekly basis to the community. We have also showered our Cherokee residents with free events including an Amazon Distribution, Clothing Distribution, and so more.


Indianapolis, IN

When we began 4 Good on the Go in 2022, Indianapolis, Indiana was a location we knew in our hearts needed assistance. Thanks to the Indianapolis Police Department's help we are able to serve over 4,000 families at Haughville Park with monthly 4GOTG events. 


Nashville, TN

Along with Indianapolis, the struggling Nashville community was one of our first poverty relief missions. In communities where 1 in 5 children possess food and essential resource insecurity- 4 Good on the Go hosts a monthly event in Hadley Park for the families in need. Only together will we see these cities thrive. 


Hazard, KY

After the devastation caused by the 2022 Eastern Kentucky floods, 4 Good Community knew that we had a calling to go, help, and provide. In Hazard, Kentucky alone we were able to provide over 4,500 families with cleaning supplies, clothing, essential resources, sleeping mats and more. We will continuously support this area with resources until they are 100% healed from the tragedy, 


Jackson, KY

After serving in Hazard, Kentucky we learned about the smaller communities effected by the flooding that were not being adequately assisted. After supporting Hazard, we immediately returned with a new shipment for Jackson, Kentucky. Thank you to the local churches who provided parking lots, water, snacks and more to our team as they served!


Hindman, KY

On our fourth trip to Eastern Kentucky we were given the privilege to work with Hindman Settlement School to provide resources to Knott County. Thank you to Delivering Good and Hanes for providing brand new clothing for the residents of Knott County who experienced devastating home loss due to catastrophic flooding. 


Mayfield, KY

After catastrophic tornadoes tore through western Kentucky, 4 Good Community partnered with other non-profits to provide substantial resources to the residents. In the midst of destruction we found hope through communities working together to provide, and rebuild.


Sebree, KY

Sebree Elementary School in Sebree, Kentucky was the first event on the 4 Good on the Go Education Relief Initiative. This small neighboring town in Webster County has faced high poverty rates in their students and families for years. 4 Good Community and Amazon partnered to provide resources for not only the students, but their parents.


Louisville, KY

For the 4 Good on the Go poverty relief initiative, Louisville, Kentucky's California Park was on the radar. Again, Amazon and Delivering Good partnered with 4 Good Community to provide housing items, clothing, and baby clothing to the California Park area. 


Cape Coral, FL

4 Good on the Go spent 4 weeks on site in Cape Coral, Florida to provide relief to those affected by Hurricane Ian. After the disaster occurred, we we're able to to provide brand new essential items for those unhoused, and were able to follow up with materials to rebuild. Thank you to our sponsors for making this a possibility!

Cape Coral
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