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Will You Help?

Sponsorship Tier

Donation Tier

Thank you for considering a tax deductible donation to 4 Good Community!

$500 - Get added to the sponsors list on website!

$1,000 - Get added to sponsors wall in Henderson!

$5,000 - Get Logo added to a 4 Good Mobile Relief Bus!

$10,000 - Get Logo added to all 4 Good Mobile Relief Buses!

$50,000 - Get signage at all distributions, and a personal thank you video for your company!

$75,000 - Get banner for all distributions, and a YouTube video showing what your generosity has done for others! 

$100,000 - Get a mobile relief bus dedicated to your company!

Are you a business looking to donate product?

If you or your business desires to donate excess and salvage inventories, we accept any materials for our disaster/poverty relief bags, food for the pantry and soup kitchen, or items that can be distributed to schools, shelters, recovery clinics and more. 

If you would like to inquire about making a product donation please contact Jeff at

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