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4GOOD is a Los Angeles based non-profit organization inspiring families to actively participate in volunteer activities.

Our events are family friendly and help give parents a hands-on way for their children to learn the important values of kindness, compassion, tolerance, community responsibility and good citizenship.  4GOOD's mission allows us to support many different causes which enables us to give back to a multitude of community issues.  Together we will teach our children about giving back by walking-the-walk together, as members of a giving community...a community we hope to nourish through 4GOOD

By working as a group, we can build the motivation and focus needed to create a lasting legacy for our children and beyond...4GOOD!

We hope you will join us on this exciting journey, helping to enrich our community through ACTIVE CITIZENSHIP.

join the movement...volunteer with your kids!!!
4GOODers Needed ~ Long Term Volunteers

Want to become a more permanent "4GOODer"?  Are you looking for an internship, credits for volunteering, or just want to do something 4GOOD?  We are looking to fill a few unpaid volunteer positions, you can have a direct impact on the community while helping our kids learn how important it is to give back.  As they say...it takes a village!!! 

With a commitment of just a few hours a week, you can help 4GOOD continue our mission of finding, planning and executing high-quality family-friendly volunteer activities.  So, if you or someone you know has relevant experience or you just want to help...please fill out the checklist so we can be in touch ASAP

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    In the News

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    Live in LA?  Great list of local weekly volunteer opportunities...check out the list

    2nd annual 4GOOD Family Day event!!