Sofa Outreach

Ryder donated a whole truck load of sofa's for us to distribute into the community. We were able to assist many families that did not have a sofa attain one. Thanks to Ryder people now have a comfortable place to sit in their homes. 

Hurricane Relief

When Hurricane Ida hit we partnered with Jabez Ministries to send food and essentials to the south. We sent food and hygiene products so families in the could start rebuilding. With Jabez delivering these resources we were able to impact people across the US in need.

Cherokee Food Pantry

Cherokee, NC is the site of our latest facility. This facility serves the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians on the reservation. We are able to distribute a truckload of food there weekly.  

Christmas Outreach

Christmas of 2021 we partnered with an organization called Foster Care in the U.S. Through this outreach we were able to make food baskets, toy baskets, and build backpacks for the 2022 school year. With the effects of COVID still a lot of families were in need of these resources.